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The CD-ROM is the most persuasive media for a PC. It is a compact or direct form of communication, where the need to influence customers, distributors etc. require more than a text document or a screen presentation.

Presentations that are focused on given objectives bring you the desired results. We have the capability to produce marketing presentations, product / demo presentations, product launch & special occasion presentations etc. If you need to provide information about your products / services or just information in an easy to access platform, whether from your premises, a public place or at a point of sale, then a CD Catalogue is the solution for you.

Electronic (CD) Catalogues help companies to save on printing costs.
Further these electronic Catalogues can be cost-effectively updated and makes information retrieval easy.
Moreover a larger amount of data can be stored in a single CD.

We create Electronic Catalogues incorporating an easy to use navigation and interactivity to access the information required effectively. Now companies can handout electronic brochures, product catalogues, spares catalogues etc that generates interest and saves cost.

The Visiting Card shaped CD is an effective way to deliver not just your company name and contact details, but also information about your company - corporate profiles, sales presentations, product brochures, a link to your website and more. A visiting card CD fits into your wallet and plays from any computers CD ROM drive. We can help you to make use of this new revolution in business communications.

Multimedia CDs are the best way to convey information. Maximize credibility & give your message the impact it deserves.

A CD-Catalogue can be used for:

Corporate Promotion
Trade Show Exhibition
Sales Support
Product Catalogues

We'll design and develop your Multimedia CD Presentation to meet your business or personal needs. We develop Professional CD presentations for the company which can include an autorun or browsable CD made in special software. These presentations can be developed for voice over, from professionals in this field or can be simply made with light background sounds. The CD presentations may also include video shoots. These again done by our professional team. All in all we bring your company in a small chip of few MBs.

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