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.....Why You Have A Website?  

Reasons for You to have a website:
1. Online Identity
With a website, you open yourself up to a world of opportunity in reaching people who might not otherwise find you. With the click of a mouse, anyone can get to your company's website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Your website has a powerful impact on a potential customer's confidence in you. A professional design, well-written content, helpful product information and good contact info can tremendously increase trust in your company.
2. Information About Your Products and Services
Exposure is the key, and information is a powerful marketing tool. Educate the public with detailed information about why and how they can benefit from using your products and services.
3. Search Engines and Directories
Internet surfers often use search engines and directories to access information by product name, locations, topics or keywords . . . So you have to have website to get listed in the search engines / directories and be accessible to the public.
4. Refers New Customers to You
Your Internet presence makes it to get a greater number of potential customers whether you want it to be local, regional, nationwide or worldwide. 
5. Image Building
Having your website name printed on your visting cards, stationery and advertising material, greatly improves your professional image. Tell people that you really mean business.
6. Low Investment
Having a website is truly low-cost investment. It is a marketing tool you can use again and again for years. Please compare the contents and the cost of your website with advertisements in newspapers and magazines monthly, quarterly and yearly.
7. Marketing Tool
You can use your website creatively as a flexible marketing tool. The only limit is your imagination. You can add and expand your site to perform additional task as you grow in the future.
8. Easier Way to Contact
You can use your website as a store front where potential customers can enter and find answers. Here you provide your names, numbers, addresses and directions to allow people to get in touch with you.
9. Getting Feedback from Customers
You can get feedback from the customers about your products and services. Comments and suggestions are valuable input to improve your business and customer relationships.
10. Why Don't You Have a Website?
Today you see website addresses shown everywhere on all kinds of media. Many businesses now have websites, and websites are here to stay. In fact, it's very noticeable for you not to have a website.