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In this fast and changing and competitive world, it has become imperative for every professional to offer value addition to his services. IT has emerged as the most powerful enabler in this direction by offering numerous avenues of improving the quality of life, performance and efficiency. Following are some important factors because of which the companies/business groups/individuals are readily embracing computer based solutions:

Space and manpower are now available at a premium. Old techniques of record keeping are extremely space and resource consuming and demand high maintenance costs. The trend is now moving towards a computerized, paperless office.

With increasing shortage of time, quick retrieval and accuracy of information is very important. In order to improve information flow, there should not be duplicity of effort or information. These factors are well taken care of by computerizing the activities.

According to a study, a computerized office can handle up to 20% more clients/customers within the same time and with lesser support staff. This is direct increase in income.

Services of a professional should make the client happy by offering him more value for his money. Computerized offices offer this facility by way of better informing the clients, improved record keeping techniques, and maintaining record history, better presentation etc.

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